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Chronic Pain

“I first visited a chiropractor on the recommendation of my GP having experienced a variety of critical issues with my spine over the preceding decades. As a normally fit and very active individual recurring injury began to have a significant affect on my professional and domestic life. I have been retired due to having Crohn’s disease but I also had a number of complications which made life very difficult indeed and it was during the worst of this phase that my GP recommended I see a chiropractor.

My chiropractor Philippa has provided me with the highest level of confidential care from the outset. Philippa had fully acquainted herself with my case prior to our first meeting and this helped to establish a lasting bond of trust and confidence in her treatments.  Due to my medical history, Philippa continues to explore and research her field in her efforts to find new solutions to the  unique and and complicated symptoms we may exhibit, which I know is time consuming yet her willingness to give of her own time so freely is a testament to her commitment to patient care.

A particular feature of chiropractic treatment is that the whole person is considered. Treatments do not continue endlessly and changes and improvements in your health are always acknowledged and embraced. In short, as a patient, your needs are individually addressed and you do not pay for any unnecessary care. As soon as you are “on your feet” your chiropractor will not expect to see you again unless you have a recurrence of injury. Additionally your chiropractor will provide you with small exercise regimes to enable you to apply immediate relief from any onset of symptoms from your injury/illness. These are excellent interventions that are tailored to your needs and keep you on a healthy track.

My relationship with my chiropractor is one of absolute trust. If any issue arises then I know that I can contact or attend my clinic without fear of delay. My chiropractor Philippa knows me, knows how my body works and takes a huge interest in me as her patient.  I couldn’t be better supported by any other medical practice anywhere.”

Mr P, West Sussex

Acute Low Back Pain

Chiropractic chiropractor back pain neck pain sciatica headache whiplash migraine sports injury fitness training health Hampshire Emsworth Havant Chichester Portsmouth Southampton“I suffered a back injury as a result of caring for a family member with advanced cancer. I could not afford to be incapacitated and felt awful to show visible signs of pain and discomfort when my loved one was in such a dire situation. As a result, I was suffering from severe physical pain but also trying to cope with significant mental stress.

From the moment I met Philippa at Acorn Health, I knew that I was in the right hands. Her wonderfully calm and caring demeanor was complemented by a clearly bright mind and detailed understanding of how the back works. She expertly diagnosed the problem and I felt like she could feel the pain for herself. I immediately felt much better as she not only understood the physiological problem but also the psychological contribution. I expected a very long and slow recovery but it was truly impressive how quickly Philippa got to the root of the pain and after 5 sessions I was almost completely recovered and able to take an 11 hour plane ride without any difficulty. It was such a relief to know I was in the hands of a truly caring, knowledgeable and highly skilled medical professional. I am immensely grateful that my research led me to Acorn Health- the results speak for themselves.” Mr A, Portsmouth.

“I have been seeing Philippa since August 2017 for an ongoing back issue after my husband had a series of treatments with her. She has been superb in her treatment of both of us. My back is in a much better state following treatment and Philippa now only sees me every 6 weeks. Long term I will probably have to see Philippa once every few months but I can’t believe how much better my back now is. I still get some issues if I overdo it, but my recovery is so much quicker. The staff are all very friendly at the clinic and I would highly recommend them and have also looked at the other therapies available there.” Mrs X, Emsworth

“I first attended Acorn Health 20 months ago for acute back pain. Philippa has been exemplary and helped me address the problem rather than just treat the symptoms. Her professionalism and support has been invaluable and I would recommend her to all friends and family. I now attend every 8 weeks to maintain my back health and always get an appointment within 24 hours. Philippa also introduced me to kinesiology tape for a foot injury – I am a total convert to this wonder product and have introduced family to it. A mention, too, for Rhiannon on the front desk – professional and so personable; always friendly and welcoming. Thank you Acorn Health for being there.” Mrs B, Emsworth


“I’ve found seeing a chiropractor very beneficial, and over a short length of time I have seen excellent results. After feeling headachey and having a stiff neck most days, I am now headache-free and my neck moves much more freely!”

Mrs P, Emsworth

Neck Pain

“I was in a lot of pain before I first saw Philippa, I couldn’t move my neck or lift my baby without pain and was worried about exercising in case it made things worse. After my first appointment I felt so reassured and much more confident, and have found that I am able to do more and more as time goes on!” Miss W, Havant

After suffering quite severe neck pain from a car accident several years ago, and suffering from severe headaches, i decided, upon some advice from my sister to try Acorn health. It would be very easy to single out Philippa as she has reduced my pain considerably, jowever every member of staff has been welcoming, engaging and supportive. I cannot stress how impeccable the service has been and would recommend them to anyone.” Mr W, Southbourne

Elbow Pain

acupuncture chiropractic pain health chinese treatment Emsworth Hampshire Sussex Chichester Osteopathy Physiotherapy

“Philippa, I just wanted to say thank you so much for helping me through my injury. A silly but painful injury to by elbow while exercising was causing me pain and stopping me from doing a full range of exercises. After suffering for over 5 weeks, I finally booked an appointment to see you! Just 3 sessions later and I am healed!!! The pain has stopped; I have full movement and can do my full range of exercises again. Amazing!

Your service has been fantastic; you have been compassionate, extremely knowledgeable and great value for money. I have no doubt I would still be in pain, had I not come to see you! If I ever injure myself again, I will not wait so long before booking an appointment! Thank you for all your help and I will definitely recommended you to anyone I meet in need of your services!” Mrs L, Hayling Island

Low Back Pain


“I had suffered with lower back pain for as long as I can remember. Having tried many different treatments to no avail, I was recommended Philippa at Acorn Health by a friend. After only 2 visits the pain was drastically reduced and I was almost pain free. I give that credit to Philippa thorough examination and treatment with chiropractic care as well as with acupuncture. I highly recommend both her and the clinic.” Mr T, Emsworth

“I first visited Philippa last year in complete agony with my back. She immediately made me feel at ease and obviously knew her stuff. After the first session the pain had eased and after a couple of sessions the pain had gone. I have recently returned to see Philippa after stupidly picking up my grandson awkwardly and although not as painful as the first time I did not want to leave it. Once again Philippa started to work her magic. I cannot recommend Acorn Health enough, from the cheery receptionist who greets you when you walk in the door to the expert knowledge and professionalism of Philippa, she really shows empathy and instills confidence.” Mrs H, Havant

Postural Pain

“I sit at a desk most days for work, and find that I am generally achey and sore at the end of the day. I wanted to find a way to help keep myself pain-free, rather than just getting help when things hurt. The advice and exercises I’ve received from Acorn Health have really kept me going.”

Mrs H, Hayling Island

Back and Knee Pain

“Both my Husband and I have been seeing Phillipa at Acorn Health for various problems with our backs and knees and have always found her to be extremely helpful. She is always polite and takes the time to devise a treatment plan that fits in with us as an individual and is happy to explain everything. We both feel that Phillipa has worked her magic with us and we would not consider going anywhere else and have complete trust in both her and all the team at Acorn Health. I can not thank Phillipa and her team enough for looking after both myself and my Husband for our various pains when we have done something silly.
Thank you once again Phillipa we don’t know what we would do without you.” Mr & Mrs C, Liss

Back and Joint Pain

I was very sceptical about visiting a chiropractor when I hurt my back, but on good advice and recommendation from my GP, I visited Phillipa and her practice to receive treatment. Well, I was impressed by the calm nature of Phillipa and how she put my mind at ease from all these stories you hear about how you will be put in so much pain and my bones will be crunched etc. Her calm manner and excellent approach to her patients care is outstanding. I received the best of care, no pain received at all and great advice to carry out stretches and exercises at home. My back now feels stronger than before and I was back on my feet properly within a week. Phillipa and her team have also helped other members of my family with varied joint problems to which they have all felt better from going to see her for treatment. I would thoroughly recommend a visit to her practice if you need help with anything. The services that the practice offers to patients in all sorts of care is amazing. Take my word on it or even pop in to meet the team and ask on how they can help you. Mr L, Emsworth


“I see Philippa on a regular due to my hyper mobility. She can always fix me and put my joints back to where they should be. Philippa always takes the time to explain, or to hear me out, before she acts. I always really appreciate this. She always gives me advices how to manage my pain between appointment. I would like to thank Philippa for her professionalism and to everyone else at Acorn Health for always make me feel welcome.” Mrs B, Portsmouth

Long Term Muscular and Spinal Back Issues

“I have long term muscular and spinal posture issues caused by spinal surgery in the 80’s and inadequate post operation care ( they did not do this in the 80’s). I have received a number of treatments from Pip and the results are best described as miraculous. You cannot reverse 40 years of bad posture in a couple of sessions, however, the relief is instantaneous and the prolonged improvement very welcome. This treatment is helping address my issues and promises a life free from constant pain and challenges with mobility. Thank you.” Mr M, Waterlooville


“I have suffered with sciatica and back problems for a very long time. I have seen many health professionals and other chiropractors however it never seemed to help or improve my condition just seemed to aggravate it more. I came across the reviews for acorn health and decided i would try again as nothing else was working. The service i have recieved from walking through the door to the actual treatment has been welcoming, informative and friendly. Philippa has been amazing throughout my treatment and for the first time i do not have the constant pain and discomfort in my back and neck. I am able to do things i have not done in a long time without pain or fear that it will aggravate it more. Thank you Philippa.” Mrs M, Denvilles

“Philippa is amazing. I was seriously dubious about going but I couldn’t walk and needed help she gave me exercises to do and adjusted my spine and told me my last 5 years of pain have been due to my lower back not sciatica which the Dr said it was. I have done what I have been told by her and am able to cope with the pain alot better and my anxiety habits have dropped immensely since seeing her. She has also adjusted my neck today after suffering with a migraine most of the day and I came out without even a hint of it ever being there. I will be recommending her to everyone.” Ms R, Havant