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Fish oil- useful or not?

A few of you have asked us for our thoughts on the “fish oil is useless” research published by Cochrane today.

As always with the media, there are a couple of important factors here which haven’t been appropriately reported:

1) Omega 3 studies generally fall down on a number of hurdles such as:
– Insufficient dosage

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The Lancet Research Paper: Update

Time after time the research shows that chiropractic care should be the first-line intervention for low back pain. “Chiropractors are well placed to provide evidence-based non-pharmacological care for their patients with low back pain, including advice about physical activity, applying judicious manual therapy, education that supports self-management, and a graded return to normal activities and exercise.”

It’s time to move away from surgery, scans and strong painkillers and instead focus on what works.

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Half Term Children’s Posture Checks

This spring half term (from Saturday 18th – Saturday 25th February) we are offering free children’s posture checks, please phone 01243 379693 to book to avoid disappointment.


Donations will be gratefully received for Neuroblastoma UK. 

Neuroblastoma is an aggressive childhood cancer. At Neuroblastoma UK they save children’s lives by funding crucial research which is carried out by scientific experts in cancer centres and universities all around the UK and it produces results such as new treatments that save children’s lives and are kinder on their young bodies than chemotherapy and other existing therapies.

Their work relies entirely on the generosity of voluntary donors – individuals, companies and trusts – to continually fund new research projects to produce new and better treatments in order to save more children’s lives. They are staffed only by Trustees and volunteers, with no paid staff or offices, meaning that 95% of everything you donate goes directly into funding the best UK-led research.

Your support means they can fund more research and bring closer the day when neuroblastoma will be beaten.

You can make a huge difference to the chances of survival for children with neuroblastoma by donating. Thank you!


Why are we doing this?

– Because children’s cancer research attracts a tiny proportion of the money available from big funders because of its rarity. Yet these so-called “rare” cancers are collectively as common as the “common” ones!

– Research is funded by incidence, so the individual rare cancers are doomed forever to receive just a fraction of the money given to the big four adult cancers.

– Out of total cancer funding of just over £3,000 million, £83 million is relevant to childhood cancer… so just under 3% of all funding.

– In the UK, cancer is the most common cause of death in children aged 1 to 14 years, accounting for around one fifth of deaths in this age group.Read more here.

We wanted to support Neuroblastoma UK in whatever way we could and so we are offering free advice and expertise in relation to posture and healthy spinal habits, in return for a donation to Neuroblastoma UK. Together we can support the vital work these charities do and together change the future of paediatric cancer.

NB. These posture checks are in no way a screening for any form of paediatric cancer.

Acorn Health joins RCC Specialist Faculty

We’ve received some really exciting news today- Philippa has been accepted into the Royal College of Chiropractor’s specialist Pregnancy and Paediatrics Faculty!

Babies paediatric pregnancy breastfeeding birth mother father babyPhilippa is also a Licenciate to the Royal College’s specialist Pain Faculty– these faculties recognise chiropractors who have undertaken formal postgraduate studies and have specialist knowledge and expertise in their particular fields. Being accepted to these specialist faculties allows Philippa the opportunity to further her skills and learning, take an active role in latest research and develop the evidence base relevant to each field. Exciting times for us at Acorn Health!

The Role of the RCC’s Specialist Faculties

  • Recognise experience and qualifications relevant to each subject area
  • Foster open inquiry and debate among practitioners and the wider healthcare community
  • Encourage further, relevant continuing professional development and study
  • Define and uphold the competencies of Specialist Faculty members as they pertain to each subject area
  • Review, disseminate and develop the evidence-base in each subject area
  • Support specialist faculty members in developing and extending skills and knowledge in relevant subject areas
    *Source: www.rcc-uk.org

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We are also going to be announcing some new dates for our parent and baby workshops later on in the year, please like our facebook page for updates!

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