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Turmeric Latte

Turmeric lattes (also known as Golden Milk) are the drink of the moment and can easily be created at home. It is a great way to kick the day off, or as a snack when you get hungry mid afternoon, but don’t want anything too heavy.

The turmeric used in this recipe is a great anti-inflammatory and teaming it up with black pepper helps absorption.

Feel free to tweak the quantities of each ingredient to suit your taste.


  1. Put all of the ingredients into a small saucepan and gently heat for 10 minutes.
  2. After this time pour the mixture through a tea strainer, taste to see if more sweetness is needed, and then serve.

*jaggery is unrefined sugar which normally comes as a block, often found in Asian cookery. It is available in larger supermarkets and health food shops.



What is the single best drink for your health?

We recommend you visit this youtube link to find out more about why water is and will always be the best drink for you and your healthy body. Click here to see more.

Going out for a run this morning? Did you know that at even 5% dehydration, your maximal performance will have reduced from 100% to 70%!

Water is often ignored, and passed-up in favour of more exciting drinks, but it is the single best thing that we can consume to help our bodies function properly and recover quickly.

Innovations Fitness

We had a great outdoor bootcamp fitness session with Innovations Fitness today but can already feel the start of the dreaded DOMS (Delayed Onset Muscle Soreness)!
Here are our top tips for recovering quickly after exercise:

1- Replace fluids: Drinking plenty of water helps flush out toxins from your body and prevent dehydration (this can make muscle soreness even more painful!) Try to consume at least 2 litres water a day, more if you have been doing vigorous exercise.

2- Consuming a 2:1 ratio of carbs to protein either before, or after a workout, or both, may help reduce the severity of muscle soreness.

3- Get some rest! Good quality sleep is a must, as running a constant sleep debt can impair recovery. If you’re tired, you’re also unlikely to be able to work as hard as you’d like during your workouts, and this will stop you from acheiving your workout goals.

4- Stretch and keep moving! Stretching and keeping gentle active after exercise helps remove lactic acid (waste products from exercise that builds up in the muscles) and can also help prevent muscles from stiffening or cooling too rapidly, causing pain.

5- Ice baths may aid recovery as they cause your blood vessels to constrict and dilate, helping remove waste products in the tissues. Not brave enough for an ice bath? Try contrast therapy in the shower- alternate 2 minutes of hot water with 30 seconds of cold water. Repeat four times with a minute of moderate temperatures between each hot-cold spray.

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