Rhiannon Oakley

Certified Personal Performance Coach (Distinction)

Registered CPD Coach

Rhiannon is our lead Personal Performance Coach. In addition to an extensive background in marketing, PR and business development, she holds a distinction level Diploma in Personal Performance Coaching from world renowned institution The Coaching Academy.

She has also studied for and achieved a Level 5 SFEDI accreditation, so you can be assured you are in experienced hands. Rhiannon prides herself on delivering effective, highly personalised coaching sessions with proven results.

Personal Coaching is recognised as an extremely effective, unique and dynamic discipline. It helps you achieve the goals that will bring you happiness, success and fulfilment.

By helping you focus on personal and professional issues that may be holding you back. Rhiannon is able to help you clarify goals and break down behaviours or negative thought patterns that may be hindering your progress. This helps you to develop your self-awareness, identify and overcome any obstacles. Coaching helps you prepare for your future and get out of your own way – allowing you to take steps towards the life you want!

The focus is always on empowering you to take control. You’ll develop the skills and resources you need to make a positive change in your life.


Jan, 2018

Helen Ison

”With Rhiannon I feel like anything I want to achieve is possible, in my business and indeed every area of my life. She offers a totally different perspective on how to tackle the big challenges, especially the ones I normally try to avoid, and she does it in a really gentle, reassuring and positive way.”  

Mel S

”I must admit that I started coaching with Rhiannon having never heard of it (except in a sporting context) and had no idea whether it would even help. After my first session, I was completely blown away. Not only did Rhiannon help me unlock potential I never even knew I had, her bright and positive outlook continued to motivate me for a long time after each session.”  

Jan M

”Coaching with Rhiannon is better than talking to a friend, as she is genuinely trying to help you help yourself. She always made me feel that she believed I was capable of achieving great things and was professional yet approachable every time I contacted her. Having been through several forms of therapy and counselling, none of them have had as much positive impact as Rhiannon’s coaching. I never would have achieved this progress without her- she truly is a life changer!”  

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