Pain Management Coaching

Understanding Persistent Pain

Philippa Oakley
Philippa Oakley
Chiropractor, Certified Coach

No one wants to be in pain, and once you have it, you naturally want to get rid of it. The experience of pain is an essential part of life, protecting us and alerting us of danger.

Sometimes our pain system behaves strangely, or learns to process information incorrectly. As a result, we can be left with ongoing, persistent pain. This can affect anyone, at any age.

When pain persists, it’s difficult to see what purpose it could be serving. Through Pain Management Coaching, you’ll develop an understanding of how and why this happens, and what options are available to you to aid your journey to pain recovery.

What is Pain Management Coaching?

Pain Management Coaching is an evidence-based approach to pain recovery that empowers you with tools, skills and strategies to reduce the impact persistent pain can have on your life.

During each session, your qualified Coach and registered Chiropractor Philippa will work with you to identify some of the long held beliefs and challenges that surround your pain.

You’ll learn about the mind-body responses to pain which can change with education and support. Using proven strategies and research-backed interventions, Pain Management Coaching is the stepping stone that will start you on your journey to overcoming pain.

Pain Management Coaching offers hope for many people who have suffered for years. Working with your coach Philippa, you’ll start the journey to overcoming chronic pain.

How does it work?

There are many myths surrounding pain that cause confusion and gaps in our knowledge. As a result, this conflict can impact how well our brain interprets information. Pain management coaching helps bridge the gap between what we know, and what’s happening in our bodies. Furthermore, research shows that developing a deeper understanding of pain can help you control, cope with and reduce the pain you experience.

Pain management coaching will help you:

  • Identify and address triggers for your pain or discomfort
  • Change strategies that aren’t working for you
  • Examine what might stop you adhering to treatment recommendations
  • Discover strategies for overcoming barriers to recovery
  • Challenge beliefs that might be holding you back
  • Adopt a healthier lifestyle around effective, proven strategies
  • Develop goals to help keep you on track

Getting Started with Pain Management Coaching

Simply book your appointment at a time convenient to you, emailing us.

Before your first appointment, you might find it helpful to think about when your pain started, and how, and a little bit about your journey to date. During your first session, you’ll begin working to explore some of the long-held beliefs you might have about pain. Together with your Coach, you’ll start to address the mind-body responses to pain that can change through education and support.

Your pain is unique to you, and working through guided coaching sessions can help you identify your own personal pathway to pain relief. Lasting positive change takes time and committment, and our clients see great success after engaging enthusiastically with their coaching.


Please visit our fees page for details and how to book.

Sessions can be done via webcam or telephone, and we allow up to 1 hour for each session. This allows you time to discuss your challenges and goals in a confidential setting.

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