Acorn Health is an award-winning virtual healthcare clinic.

We pride ourselves on delivering an excellent standard of service, and our level of expertise is reflected in our fees. Our evidence-based approach ensures the care you receive is effective and appropriate. Notably, each session is designed to be entirely bespoke to your needs.

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Virtual Chiropractic

Telehealth New Patient Consultation (Up to 30 minutes)- £55.00

A webcam based consultation with our Chiropractor.

Telehealth Existing Patient Consultation (Up to 15 minutes) – £25.00
A webcam based consultation with our Chiropractor. Suitable for existing patients of Acorn Health only.

Life Coaching

Coaching Session (1 hour)- £60.00

Virtual Pilates

1:1 Session (30 minutes) – £35.00

1:1 Session (60 minutes) – £45.00

Pain Management Coaching

Coaching Session (1 hour)- £80.00

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