Fascial blading- how it can help reduce pain and improve function

Fascial blading is a form of gentle, instrument assisted soft tissue mobilisation. The blade itself acts as an extension of the practitioner’s hands and allows the clinician to gently identify and breakdown scar tissue adhesions and fascial restrictions.

Fascia is the cling-film like tissue that connects everything in the body. It runs along and through all our muscles, organs, vessels and nerves and even attaches on to our skeleton, forming a continuous 3D web of connective tissue. Traumas or scars to any area or the body can lead to problems in other areas through disruption of this connective tissue web.

What happens when fascia is injured?

When healthy and uninjured, fascia is naturally lubricated to allow it to flowfascial blade fascia blading massage muscle tension release relaxation stress fascial adhesions muscle pain chiropractic chiropractor Emsworth Havant Chichester Portsmouth and guide over and through all our body’s tissues. When there is damage to the fascia through injury or surgery (medical or small cosmetic procedures), this lubrication becomes thicker. This makes the fascia stick to itself and the surrounding muscles and tissues, thus forming internal scarring. These scars and fascial restrictions have been found to cause changes in the musculoskeletal system. This in turn can limit normal movement in joints and leading to pain, dysfunction and ultimately injury.

A common example of this is lower back pain following abdominal surgery such as gall bladder removal or C section scar. Scarring in the abdominal muscles can lead to a forward pulling of the pelvis through the fascial tissue. This causes a change in posture which weakens buttock and abdominal muscles, ultimately lessening lower back stability. Over time this will generate pain and injury to the lower back before potentially spreading to other areas of the body as these try and compensate for the dysfunction.

What does fascial blading do?

The fascial blade gently breaksdown the scar tissue, both externally and internally, thus correcting joint function, reducing pain, improving flexibility and normalising posture and core stability. This, for many people, can be the ideal solution to aches and pains that may not have resolved with traditional methods. To find out more, please ask your practitioner or book online here.

To view a fascial blade in action, see how we use it to treat plantar fasciitis in the video below.


Author: Hannah Chambers DC


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