You get your hair cut. You go for dental checkups. Why not take care of your back health this week?

It’s Chiropractic Awareness Week 8-14th April and we’d like to invite you and your family to benefit from a spinal health check and posture review, where we can offer some advice on how to care for your back. You can also find out how chiropractors can help you move better and feel better.

We’re asking those booking in for spinal health checks to make a donation to Chiropractic Research Council to support the vital work they do in researching chiropractic to benefit our patients.

We’d like to thank everyone who has taken part so far- if you’d like to book your spinal health check for yourself, your children, parents or partner, simply call us on 01243 379693 or book online here.

If you don’t want a spinal health check but do want to support the initiative, our JustGiving page can be found here to donate to the chiropractic research council directly.


Taking care of your back is easy when you know how! Research from the British Chiropractic Association shows that 42% of us in the South East do not take steps to help with back or neck pain. Simple things and small changes can make a huge impact when it comes to managing your back pain.

Should you exercise with back pain?
Is ice or heat better?
What can I do at home to help me get better?

We have the answers to all the above (and then some) so come and visit us to learn how to keep your back healthy for life.



According to the BCA’s survey, when it comes to back and neck pain, they found that:

  • 42% of people don’t take any steps to look after their back health
  • Only 58% have taken preventative steps to protect themselves from developing back or neck pain
  • 80% of people have experienced back or neck pain
  • 11% wouldn’t seek help from a health professional for back pain and, 31% would wait a month or longer
  • Only 10% would make changes to their daily routine if experiencing back or neck pain
  • 19% choose their mattresses bases on price, rather than comfort

BCA President and Chiropractor, Catherine Quinn, commented on the findings:

“There are so many people in the UK living with neck or back pain because they don’t know what preventative steps they can take, so we want to shine a light on the simple changes which can help. Chiropractic Awareness Week is designed to educate everyone on the best ways to prevent and tackle back or neck pain, from changing up your posture when sat at a desk, to sleeping on the right mattress.”

“Easy changes to your day-to-day life can make a significant difference, but if your pain doesn’t reduce or is prolonged, you should always see a health professional for further guidance.”

The BCA’s top tips for keeping on top of neck and back pain include:

  • Keep on moving: Physical activity can be beneficial for managing back pain, however it’s important that if this is of a moderate to high intensity that you warm up and down properly to get your body ready to move! If a previous injury is causing you pain, adapt your exercise or seek some advice. Activities such as swimming, walking or yoga can be less demanding on your body, while keeping you mobile!
  • Take a break: When sitting for long periods of time, ensure you stand up and move around every 30 minutes. When at work, also make sure your desk is set up to support a comfortable position. This is different for everyone so if you don’t feel comfortable in your current set up, try altering the height of your chair or screen.

Other things which people can bear in mind include:

  • Lifting and carrying: Remember to bend from the knees, not the waist when lifting heavy items. Face in the direction of movement and take your time. Hold the object as close to your body as possible, and where you can avoid carrying objects which are too heavy to manage alone, ask for help or use the necessary equipment.
  • Sleep comfortably: The Sleep Council recommends buying a new mattress at least every 7 years. Mattresses lose their support over time, so if you can feel the springs through your mattress, or the mattress is no longer level, your mattress is no longer providing the support you need. Everyone has different support requirements, so when purchasing your mattress ensure it is supportive for you. If you share a bed and require different mattress types, consider two single mattresses which are designed to be joined together, to ensure you both get the support you need.
  • Straighten Up!: The BCA has created a programme of three-minute exercises, Straighten Up UK, which can be slotted in to your daily schedule to help prevent back pain by promoting movement, balance, strength and flexibility in the spine.


We are looking for an enthusiastic, patient-centred, evidence-based sports therapist to join our award-winning chiropractic and multidisciplinary healthcare clinic in Emsworth, Hampshire. Minimum professional experience of 2 years required.

  • Previous experience or specialist interest in spinal pain is preferred.

The clinic is home to a range of other therapies who work alongside our chiropractors, including health coaching, deep tissue massage, cognitive behavioural therapy, acupuncture and counselling.

We are an evidence-based clinic and like to take our time with our patients to truly get to know who they are as people, what makes them tick, and how we can best tailor our care to help them.

You will be taking over an patient base of existing rehab patients and are expected to have the necessary skills in generating and retaining your own patients. We offer plenty of additional support to help you grow your patient base. You will have the freedom to practice as you choose within the current evidence guidelines and your professional boundaries.

We have held the Royal College of Chiropractor’s Patient Partnership Quality Mark and the Clinical Management Quality Mark every year since the clinic opened in 2014. We are deeply proud of our excellent local reputation and want someone who can take pride in their work with us and be part of our innovative multidisciplinary approach to healthcare.

Please send us a copy of your most up-to-date CV, along with a cover letter. The cover letter should detail your style of practice, approach to patient management (including protocols for management for the initial stage of care, rehabilitation protocol and maintenance protocol). Finally, we’d love to know why you want to join Acorn Health and what skills you could bring to our amazing team.

CVs and cover letters should be sent to acorn(at) FAO Rhiannon Oakley, Practice Manager. Please do NOT send messages via Facebook as these will not be responded to.

We offer a competitive, percentage based earnings which will be discussed at interview.

Interview process starts with CV and letter, then telephone interview then finally we would like to meet you in person to assess hands-on and interpersonal skills.

Closing date for applications: 5pm, Tuesday 30th April 2018

Proud to show you what we have been working on! Introducing the Acorn Health Rehab Room!

This room has been designed with your needs in mind- we have a treatment couch for any hands-on care you may require, plus a range of rehabilitation equipment designed to help you learn how to strengthen and stabilise your body to prevent recurrence of any injuries.

Our rehab sessions are run by our two chiropractors who have specialist training in helping you recover from pain and injuries. Rehabilitation sessions are designed not only to help you recover but to teach you how to care for your body in the future.

We are thrilled to be able to offer specialist rehabilitation as part of our chiropractic treatment programmes as we continue to work to provide you with the very best care available. To book your rehab session, please call us on 01243 379693.

Fascial blading is a form of gentle, instrument assisted soft tissue mobilisation. The blade itself acts as an extension of the practitioner’s hands and allows the clinician to gently identify and breakdown scar tissue adhesions and fascial restrictions.

Fascia is the cling-film like tissue that connects everything in the body. It runs along and through all our muscles, organs, vessels and nerves and even attaches on to our skeleton, forming a continuous 3D web of connective tissue. Traumas or scars to any area or the body can lead to problems in other areas through disruption of this connective tissue web.

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Plantar fasciitis is a common cause of heel pain, and can be incredibly painful. Our patients typically present with pain under the heel which radiates along the underside of the foot. Quite often, the pain is worst when getting out of bed in the morning.  You may also have pain when trying to stretch up. The pain is caused by tiny microtears, scarring and a breakdown of collagen where the plantar fascia attaches on to the heel bone.

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We received our plaques today for our Patient Partnership Quality Mark and Clinical Management Quality Mark, now proudly displayed on the wall in reception!

We are proud to be the only clinic in the Emsworth and Havant area to hold these two national awards presented by The Royal College of Chiropractors. We have held these awards every year since the clinic opened, which is a huge achievement for our small business, but most importantly, demonstrates our dedication to you, our patients, year after year.

The Patient Partnership Quality Mark is awarded to clinics that demonstrate excellence in meeting patient expectations in a range of areas including accessibility, cleanliness and safety and patient communication.


The Clinical Management Quality Mark is awarded to those clinics that demonstrate excellence in terms of operating within a structured and managed clinical environment. The clinics must demonstrate excellence in a range of areas including clinical audit, incident reporting and patient satisfaction.

It’s so important to us that we meet the high standards of excellence set by the Royal College of Chiropractors as we want to provide the very best care and service to you that we can, and these awards let us know that we are achieving this.


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