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Chiropractic care for Badminton players

Despite the shuttlecock being light, badminton is definitely an intense sport! Lots of overhead arm movement and fast diving across the court mean that both speed and stamina are needed.

Although it may not be featured in the media as much as tennis, badminton has many similarities. Unfortunately, this is especially true when it comes to player injuries.

What injuries can occur in badminton players?

Explosive movements and rapid changes of direction mean that sprained ankles are the most common injury. The stress placed on tendons and ligaments makes badminton players more likely to suffer from Achilles tendonitis too. Shin splints can also occur, as well as knee issues from jumping.

Yet it is not only the lower limbs that can experience problems. Badminton actually has the most overhead strokes than any other racquet sport! Just like tennis and squash, badminton players are also prone to upper limb injuries such as Tennis elbow and rotator cuff issues.

Research has also shown that male players are more likely to sustain injuries compared to female players. As age increases, so too does the frequency of injury. This may be because age-related changes in the tendons and joints reduce their ability to cope with the stresses of the sport. So its worth being proactive about caring for your body before natural ageing makes it harder to do!

But I feel great when I play! Why should I worry?

It’s worth remembering that adrenaline and endorphins (both produced by exercise) can reduce pain perception. You might be fine playing a fast-paced game one day, and assume everything is fine. However if you have a stiff back a couple of days after playing, this may not simply be due to exertion. Alignment issues lower down with the knees and ankles, can cause problems higher up the body. Similarly, any shoulder restriction or muscle tightness in the chest can lead to the back taking more of the strain. Over time, these little things start to build-up, with the end result being more acute injury, which could become chronic.

How can chiropractic care help?

It is vital that Badminton players keep their bodies in a healthy condition. Strength and good motor skills are essential for the sudden starts and stops needed on the court. Because of these movements, players also need to have good whole-body control. Ankles, hips, backs and shoulders all have vital roles during play, so any imbalances here can lead to injury. This is where chiropractic care can be beneficial. Identifying areas where there may be restrictions can help you improve your performance. Other treatments including kinesiology taping can help reduce the risk of injury during a game. While training, regular visits to your chiropractor can keep you moving freely. And when you move without pain, you can continue to enjoy your game!


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