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There is an assumption that spending more time on our phones is a bad thing for our health. If we think of this only in terms of sitting down for longer periods, being hunched over, or disrupting our sleep with bright screens, we may be right! However, our phones can actually be a great help when it comes to our wellbeing – encouraging us to improve our lives by adding in more exercise, mindfulness or knowledge about self-care!

Using health and wellness apps can enable you to spend some screen time in a more dynamic way. Your phone can become a timer for workouts, log your sleep patterns or guide you through your rehabilitation exercises!

There are several apps that we use at Acorn Health, some of which we have listed below.


This app is a personal trainer in your pocket! With a huge variety of workouts to choose from, ranging from Cardio, strength, Yoga or Stretching, you can choose how long to exercise for. This makes it ideal for customising workouts to fit into your schedule. With videos showing how to perform each exercise,


Guided meditations, breathing exercises, tips on sleep hygiene; with Headspace you can get mindfulness sessions delivered every day to your phone. There is also a section in the app that offers short workouts for boosting motivation or releasing stress.


Providing meditation sessions, tranquil nature sounds, music to help you sleep and more, Calm gives you a range of choices to help reduce stress and bring calmness and happiness into your lives. Mindfulness is becoming more and more important in You can listen to the audio content and enjoy calming visuals on screen if you wish to.

Charity Miles

Charity Miles lets you sign up to support your favourite chosen cause, helping them to receive money from sponsors for every mile that you walk or run. You can support as an individual or as part of a group fun raising effort. Miles logged indoors count as well!


Designed for athletes to record pretty much any sort of workout, Strava is great for tracking routes and personal bests, letting friends give you kudos for your efforts. Using GPS, you can follow pre-planned routes or just go out and explore! If you like being able to keep active and track your progress over time, Strava ticks the box.

Insight Timer

This app boasts the world’s biggest free library of guided meditations. You can select from lots of different guided sessions that are available, and you can also choose by duration. This makes it perfect for fitting in some mindfulness whether you have 2 minutes or 2 hours to spare!


We often use Physitrack for prescribing custom rehabilitation programmes after a course of chiropractic treatment. This app is utilised by thousands of healthcare providers around the world. It has a library of exercise videos created by clinical experts, that are narrated and explained, allowing you to follow along and do the exercises correctly, just as if we were there with you! We can tailor the session for different purposes too, so its a great tool that goes hand in hand with our clinical services. The app also offers a telehealth consultation section, which enables us to offer you care wherever you are.

Couch to 5k

You may already have head of this app if you are looking to get into running. Offered by the NHS, as the title says, this app aims to get you from the couch to running your first 5K in 9 weeks. Using a form of interval training (ie 3 minutes running, 90 seconds walking etc), this app is easy to follow and ideal if you want a programme to guide you through the process of gently building up the amount of running that you do. With audio notifications of when to run and when to walk, you can listen to your music while you do a session too.

Runnin’ City

If you are going away on holiday, why not consider adding some exercise to your itinerary? If you are in a new place, walking or running can be great for sight-seeing. This app offers tours (called “Smart Runs”) which give you information when you pass points of interest. You can exercise, learn more about the place you are staying and local culture, all while taking care of your health – what more could you want?


Hopefully these apps will inspire you to keep your wellbeing in mind anytime you use your phone! If you are experiencing neck or back pain from staring at a screen for too long and need some support, give us a call!

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