Almond Nut Butter

If you have a food processor, homemade nut butters are super easy to make. Here we’ve used almonds for their anti-inflammatory properties, but you can use any nuts you fancy. 

By making it yourself you avoid salt and sugars which some shop bought versions will contain (but not all – so if you do buy, then read the label as the more expensive versions can be 100% nut!). With this version, you can happily make this without the sea salt, but add it if you wish.

I like this served with an apple for a quick snack, but feel free just to have it on your toast in the morning!


  1. Place the nuts in the food processor and whizz until they breakdown to a nut butter consistency.
  2. Add 2 tbsp of coconut oil and process to create a smooth consistency. Add more coconut oil if required.

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