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Acorn Health is an innovative, virtual healthcare clinic, owned and run by Philippa Oakley and her wife Rhiannon Oakley.

Mighty oaks from little acorns grow” and that is certainly true for Acorn Health.

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Established on the South Coast in 2014, we expanded in January 2017 to a physical premises, incorporating Chiropractic care alongside a range of complimentary health care services. We hold two national awards from the Royal College of Chiropractors . We have been held these awards every year since we opened. The awards recognise our clinical excellence and commitment to developing a partnership with our patients and local community.

Following the Coronavirus Pandemic, and the subsequent impact on small business owners throughout the UK, Philippa and Rhiannon made the decision to relaunch Acorn Health as a purely virtual service. As a result of the lockdown period in early 2020, virtual consultations became hugely popular. We found that patients continue to be very satisfied with web or phone-based healthcare services. This supported the move to a virtual based service. Furthermore, it prompted us to once again extend our offerings to include virtual Pilates sessions and a new Pain Management Coaching service.

The ethos around the virtual clinic continues to be one of integrated healthcare services. Our Pilates instructor Mel works closely alongside our Chiropractor Philippa to ensure any aches or pains are promptly addressed and diagnosed. Our Chiropractor and our Life Coach Rhiannon work together to help you manage the physical and mental issues that can contribute to stress and pain. The entire team provide a coordinated approach to managing your care; working individually or as a group, based on your needs.

Our aim is to both meet and exceed your expectations when seeking care with us. This helps ensure you receive the level of healthcare excellence you deserve.

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