I couldn’t be better supported by any other medical practice anywhere...

I first visited a chiropractor on the recommendation of my GP having experienced a variety of critical issues with my spine over the preceding decades. As a normally fit and very active individual recurring injury began to have a significant affect on my professional and domestic life. I have been retired due to having Crohn’s disease but I also had a number of complications which made life very difficult indeed and it was during the worst of this phase that my GP recommended I see a chiropractor.

My chiropractor Philippa has provided me with the highest level of confidential care from the outset. Philippa had fully acquainted herself with my case prior to our first meeting and this helped to establish a lasting bond of trust and confidence in her treatments.  Due to my medical history, Philippa continues to explore and research her field in her efforts to find new solutions to the  unique and and complicated symptoms we may exhibit, which I know is time consuming yet her willingness to give of her own time so freely is a testament to her commitment to patient care.

A particular feature of chAcorn Creative | Marketing and PR | Approach | Winning | West Sussexiropractic treatment is that the whole person is considered. Treatments do not continue endlessly and changes and improvements in your health are always acknowledged and embraced. In short, as a patient, your needs are individually addressed and you do not pay for any unnecessary care. As soon as you are “on your feet” your chiropractor will not expect to see you again unless you have a recurrence of injury. Additionally your chiropractor will provide you with small exercise regimes to enable you to apply immediate relief from any onset of symptoms from your injury/illness. These are excellent interventions that are tailored to your needs and keep you on a healthy track.

My relationship with my chiropractor is one of absolute trust. If any issue arises then I know that I can contact or attend my clinic without fear of delay. My chiropractor Philippa knows me, knows how my body works and takes a huge interest in me as her patient.  I couldn’t be better supported by any other medical practice anywhere.

Mr P, West Sussex

Over a short length of time I've seen excellent results...

Neck"I've found seeing a chiropractor very beneficial, and over a short length of time I have seen excellent results. After feeling headachey and having a stiff neck most days, I am now headache-free and my neck moves much more freely!"

Mrs P, Emsworth

Compassionate and knowledgeable...

Philippa, I just wanted to say thank you so much for helping me through my injury. A silly but acupuncture chiropractic pain health chinese treatment Emsworth Hampshire Sussex Chichester Osteopathy Physiotherapypainful injury to by elbow while exercising was causing me pain and stopping me from doing a full range of exercises. After suffering for over 5 weeks, I finally booked an appointment to see you! Just 3 sessions later and I am healed!!! The pain has stopped; I have full movement and can do my full range of exercises again. Amazing! 

Your service has been fantastic; you have been compassionate, extremely knowledgeable and great value for money. I have no doubt I would still be in pain, had I not come to see you! If I ever injure myself again, I will not wait so long before booking an appointment! Thank you for all your help and I will definitely recommended you to anyone I meet in need of your services!

Mrs L, Hayling Island

After only 2 visits the pain was drastically reduced...

"I had suffered with lower back pain for as long as I can remember. Having tried many different treatments to no avail, I was recommended Philippa at Acorn Health by a friend. After only 2 visits the pain was drastically reduced and I was almost pain free. I give that credit to Philippa thorough examination and treatment with chiropractic care as well as with acupuncture. I highly recommend both her and the clinic."

Mr T, Emsworth

I felt so reassured and much more confident..

Healthy mother and baby making gymnastics"I was in a lot of pain before I first saw Philippa, I couldn't lift my baby and was worried about exercising in case it made things worse. After my first appointment I felt so reassured and much more confident, and have found that I am able to do more and more as time goes on!"

Miss W, Havant

The advices and exercises I've received from Acorn Health have really kept me going...

Smiling young man in an acupuncture therapy in a Spa center"I sit at a desk most days for work, and find that I am generally achey and sore at the end of the day. I wanted to find a way to help keep myself pain-free, rather than just getting help when things hurt. The advice and exercises I've received from Acorn Health have really kept me going."

Mr H, Hayling Island

Can't wait to come and see you and your magic hands!

"I really can't recommend Phibaby feet chiropractic paediatrics health Emsworthllipa highly enough. After years of abuse Phillipa helped me understand my back better and for the first time in years I can sit down of an evening pain free. Not only did I see Phillipa for my own problems but I have also taken my 2yr old along for help and advice for her ongoing health problems. The level of care and patience Phillipa shows towards her has been amazing, altering treatment methods to suit a nervous and challenging toddler. She now adores you and can't wait to come and see you and your magic hands!"

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