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Medical Tattooing

Semi-Permanent Makeup and Medical Tattooing

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VTCT Level 4 Micropigmentation, Dermace and The Clinical Academy

Lesley has over 30 years experience in the Beauty and Aesthetics Industry and has recently completed her VTCT Level 4 in micropigmentation, the highest accreditation yet in this field, following two years of training with Dermace and The Clinical Academy.

What to Expect at a Session

If you’ve undergone surgery or have a medical condition, Lesley’s range of treatments can help restore your confidence. Experienced and professional, Lesley can help those who have struggled with:

  • Hair loss from alopecia, hypothyroidism or chemotherapy
  • Pigment loss in the skin due to vitiligo
  • Scarring or loss of the nipple(s) following mastectomy
  • Acne, chicken pox or stretch mark scarring
  • Cleft lip surgery

Prior to beginning care, you will come in for a consultation with Lesley to discuss if these treatments are suitable for you, what you would like to achieve from treatment and (if having medical tattooing), have a patch test.

About the Treatments

Medical Tattooing
For clients who have had breast cancer and gone through a reconstruction there can sometimes feel like something is still missing afterwards. Medical tattooing can help restore your natural appearance by implanting custom-blended pigment into the skin to restore the areola and nipple, introducing a 3D effect for a natural look.

This treatment can last up to 5 years with maintenance treatments. The entire process takes around two hours, working to restore confidence after surgery.

Medical tattooing can also be used for those with vitiligo who have lost the melanin in their skin- the pigment is implanted back into the area to restore the skin colour.

Areola and Nipple Tattooing:

  • £395 for one breast
  • £695 for both breasts

Eyebrow Tattooing
For those with eyebrow loss due to medication, hypothyroidism, chemotherapy or alopecia, this semi-permanent technique mimics the appearance of natural hairs by implanting pigment under the skin.
A powdered brow treatment is also available which places the pigment closer together to create a more solid brow.

  • £345 for eyebrow tattooing including re-touch
  • £172.50 follow-up treatment

Eyeliner Tattooing
Suitable for alopecia or chemotherapy patients with loss of the eyelashes, semi-permanent eyeliner tattooing can help restore confidence, providing colour and depth to the lash area.

  • £275- Top eyelashes
  • £225- Bottom eyelashes
  • £395- Both top and bottom

Multi-Tropanic Collagen Actuation (MCA)

This treatment encourages re-healing of the area being treated through the application of gentle, controlled stimulation. Suitable for those with scarring, burns, or stretch marks, this treatment can also Medical tattooing tattoo treatment pigment scar reduce surgery cosmetic Lesley Andrewsbe used for those who have undergone cleft palate surgery. The success of this treatment varies from client to client depending on the age of the scar, skin type, and aftercare.

  • £250 per treatment
  • Multiple areas charged at an additional £200
  • £295 for lip line tattooing after cleft lip surgery. (Dry needling is used to relax the scar area, before a semi-permanent tattoo is applied to provide lip definition)

MESO Me Facial
This treatment stimulates cell metabolism to aid in skin repair and regeneration. Mechanical perforation of the epidermis (outer layer of skin) stimulates blood circulation and skin receptors, and perforation allows active substances to penetrate the dermis more effectively.

This clinical treatment is suitable for chicken pox scarring and acne scars. MESO can also be used on other areas of the body for stretch marks and post-operative scarring.

  • £65 per treatment- book and pay for a course of treatment in advance, get one treatment free.

Are treatments painful?

Lesley has completed training in First Aid and the use of numbing creams. She holds an Act Fast qualification which fully insures her to use an adrenaline-controlled topical prescribed by a doctor to numb areas for micropigmentation and aid in the retention of the pigment, thus making the treatment more effective. This safe, legal treatment ensures all Lesley’s treatments are as comfortable as possible with minimal to no swelling or redness of the area.

Book an Appointment

Lesley’s clinics at Acorn Health are held on a Tuesday (9 AM to 7 PM) and Saturday mornings (9 AM to 12 PM)
To book an appointment please call Lesley directly on 07748 400420 or email lesley@lesleyandrews.co.uk for questions or to book a free consultation.

We maintain exceptionally high standards of cleanliness and safety in our clinic and our practitioners are fully registered and insured to carry out their treatments. We have received two national awards in recognition of our excellence in managing the clinical environment, demonstrating high standards in relation to cleanliness, hygiene, safety and risk assessment.

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