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Cognitive Behavioural Therapy

Dr Tania Ahern


Tania is a medically qualified Cognitive Behavioural Therapist specialising in the treatment of insomnia. She offers individual and group Cognitive Behavioural therapy (CBT) for those wishing to overcome their problems with sleeping. Poor sleep has been shown to have a profound impact on wellbeing, affecting mood, work performance, relationships and general wellbeing. Using the CBT approach to treat insomnia gives an individual lifelong skills for better quality sleep.  In addition, Tania treats a wide range of mental health problems using this psychotherapy.

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To book an appointment at Acorn Health with Tania, please call her directly on 01243 933083.

What to expect at a session

A course of CBT for insomnia involves around 6 sessions, and each session is one hour long. Tania generally meets her patients on a weekly or fortnightly basis in order to gain continuity in therapy and help you put into practice the skills and techniques you will learn in each session. You’ll also receive invaluable email support in between sessions if needed.

At your first session, Tania will undertake a thorough sleep assessment, providing insight into your sleeping problems, what causes the insomnia and the factors keeping you up at night. This will help ensure that CBT is the right course of treatment for you.  Tania will ask you to document your sleep pattern, providing information on sleep time and quality and helping you to track your progress through therapy.

Tania utilises a collaborative approach to provide treatment tailored to your needs. She uses a range of cognitive and behavioural techniques with a strong clinical evidence base supporting their effectiveness. With treatment, you’ll gain a robust toolkit of strategies to help you achieve high quality sleep and improve your overall wellbeing.


After qualifying as a medical doctor in 1999 at St Mary’s Hospital Medical School, Imperial College London, Tania completed her general practice training and worked for several years as a GP in Brighton. Her interest in psychological health led Tania to train as a Cognitive Behavioural Therapist (Postgraduate Diploma in CBT), at the University of Canterbury.

Tania has worked in various health organisations, both in the NHS and private sector, providing medical and psychological support.  She has been part of multidisciplinary teams, focusing on measures to help improve general health, performance and wellbeing of health professionals and other individuals.

Consultation Fees

Each hourly session is charged at £80.00.

To book an appointment with Tania, please call her directly on 01243 933083.

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