Corporate Care

We offer corporate care for businesses, and provide rapid access to effective care for your employees.  If you’re a business owner or employee assistance programme (EAP) seeking musculoskeletal and chiropractic services, Workplace wellness corporate care EAP employee assistance programme musculoskeletal MSK healthcare health Emsworth Hampshire corporate company business health healthcare scheme employer employeesplease contact us. We will be happy to discuss joining your network.

Healthy, pain-free employees are happy, productive employees. Employees receiving chiropractic treatment gain instruction on preventive care that includes exercise and nutrition guidance for overall health. The IMPaCT Back Study found that individuals at risk of developing long-term (chronic) problems and ongoing disability who were referred immediately to appropriate care saw:

  • 50% reduction in time off work
  • 30% reduction in sick certification
  • This resulted in cost savings of £33 per individual in direct health costs, and £400 per individual in societal costs.

Find out more about our Workplace Wellness programme offering award-winning chiropractic care for your company.

In addition, further services for employee and corporate care and wellness are also available at Acorn Health.

Corporate Care for Small to Medium Sized Businesses

Small to medium businesses can benefit from a tailored solution for their team.
We would be delighted to prepare a programme which meets your business needs.

Please download our Workplace Wellness programme or contact us using the form below.

View the NICE guidelines for low back pain and sciatica here.


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